Corporate Responsibility

Corporate and social responsibility of World Privilege Plus

Our Client Members can enjoy a better lifestyle from taking advantage of the discounted services and products provided by WPP and the consumer market is alive and well with many choices and temptations. 

As a Company we seek to make a difference in Society by supporting good causes and Charities in an intelligent way, working on project specific cases and adding value to lives where the more unfortunate have no other options.

Our policy is not based on Fundraising, but more on Outcomes to secure direct and identifiable benefit and relevance to those we support.

In the future WPP will be offering specific opportunities for our Clients and Members to participate in qualifying projects, when Match Funding can be added to all Member donations. (conditions will apply).

Our intention is to achieve an improved Outcome to the beneficiary, and pleasure that giving affords to the Donors, which is reward enough.