Stingray Music (Premium)
Stingray Music (Premium)

Stingray Music Premium 40%

Members receive 40% savings on their purchase.

  • Get a 40% discount when you subscribe to Stingray Music (premium ad-free version)
  • Cancel anytime
  • Stingray Music has over 2,000 expertly curated music channels 
  • Available on mobile and on the web.

* Terms and conditions apply.

About Stingray Music (Premium)

Stingray Music makes great music happen on mobile, and the web.
Life sounds better with the right music! Whether you’re waiting for the bus or dancing yourself into a frenzy, Stingray Music has over 2,000 channels to soundtrack every occasion. Simply lean back and enjoy the music.
Only Stingray Music lets you combine activity, mood, theme, genre, and era filters for a listening experience that’s uniquely yours.
Every channel is curated by one of 100 expert programmers. We do all the work so you don’t have to!
With music channels in all the most popular genres, Stingray Music opens up a world of amazing musical discoveries.
Listen to the music you love today. Discover the music you’ll love tomorrow.

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