Digital Groundwork
Digital Groundwork

Digital Groundwork Ltd 20%

Members receive 20% savings on their purchase.

  • Daily website page submissions to search engines for all your indexable website pages
  • Daily submissions of images, videos and accurate indexing of pages, RSS feeds, sitemap creation (if desired)
  • Website traffic visuals on Kick Off – Total Traffic, Traffic Value, Keyword Vol, Backlinks Vol
  • Search term ranking report for current pages And page ranking report for search terms
  • Summary of broken links with source pages (not fixing broken links)
  • Start the next working day after your invoice is settled

About Digital Groundwork

All website owners want to increase and improve the quality of their website traffic. This service consistently improves your website visibility on Search Engines. A No-Code solution, this is deployed remotely on your URLs (No website access needed)
Starts the next working day, a minimum of 3 months, and cancel any time after. Search engine bots/spiders only crawl/index about 20% of your site when they visit. Site owners are not in control of when spiders/bots crawl your website and can only request daily, weekly, monthly or annual crawls.

Why take this service?
Works fast and is extremely effective, proven to work over many years
If your SEO implementation is strong, the results will be even better. 
Organic traffic converts 2 -5 X better than paid traffic.
Super affordable, effortless and effective white hat SEO practice as recommended by Google
It's the equivalent of you going into Google Console and manually submitting each page daily. (10 seconds/page)
A client doubled organic traffic and organic keywords they were ranking for and achieved 5X revenue in one month.

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