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  • 20% off of your first month, or €20 off on your first Language Sprint payment
  • Online language school offering live classes with professional teachers
  • Classes available 24/7
  • Learn German, Spanish, French, English and Business English
  • Different subscription options available

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About Lingoda

Lingoda is one of the leading online language schools – offering high-quality live classes on Zoom, led by professional, native-level teachers. 

With over 500.000 classes per year, offered 24/7, Lingoda gives full flexibility – even the busiest people will find a class fitting their schedule to learn German, Spanish, French, English and Business English. 

Lingoda has classes for all learning levels, organised in a structured and expert-designed curriculum that lets students take lessons in order or by their own interest. Learning materials are accessible anytime and students can practise after class with exercises, quiz and vocabulary flashcards.

Over 102,000 students already learned to speak a language confidently and reached their goals with Lingoda.

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