Lucky Saint
Lucky Saint

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  • Alcohol-Free Superior Unfiltered Lager
  • Beer with maximum flavour, without the alcohol
  • Award winning, over 1,600 5* Trustpilot reviews
  • Sugar free, only 53 calories and vegan

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About Lucky Saint

In 2016, the founder of Lucky Saint, Luke, set out to revolutionise alcohol-free beer. His idea was simple: a classic, refreshing lager without the alcohol. To reward those who aren’t drinking with the beer they deserve.

After two years of searching across Europe, he found the brewmaster who could make it happen in a 400-year-old Bavarian brewery. Together, they brewed a beer using centuries-old brewing techniques, but with one crucial, untraditional twist: the beer was left unfiltered. Fresh, citrusy and hazy, it was an alcohol-free beer like none before.

They called it ‘Lucky Saint’, a nod to virtuosity and the luck derived from hard work. The next revolution in lager was here.

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