Ocushield 25%

Members receive 25% savings on their purchase.

  • Members receive a 20% discount on their purchase
  • Medically certified anti-blue light screen protectors and glasses
  • Protect your screens with tempered glass
  • Reduce eye strain, headaches and sleep better

* Terms and conditions apply.

About Ocushield

Here at Ocushield we want to let your eyes thrive. That’s why our team of eye experts have created the first and only medically approved blue light filtering products in the world.

Improve your productivity, reduce eye strain and level up your sleep quality with the Ocushield range and its superior blue light protection. Ocushield’s blue light tech filters, blue light glasses and low blue light desk and bedside lamp, the Oculamp, will lead to fresher feeling eyes in no time.

Keep your eyes on the prize with Ocushield!

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