Palmito Park
Palmito Park

Palmitos Park

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About Palmito Park

Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria is home to thousands of fauna and flora spanning hundreds of species. Here you'll find birds, mammals, fish and reptiles all housed in replicas of their natural environment. Its bird of prey show will leave you in awe as these free flying raptors glide through the skies and down the valley.

And Palmitos Park, which due to the Canarian climate is open 365 days a year, now features a dolphin arena. The only place to enjoy incredible dolphin exhibitions with an educational focus in a state-of-the-art venue that can host up to 600 people.

The dolphinarium installations have a surface area of approximately 3000m 2 and contain 3 swimming pools and more than 4million litres of water. The grandstand is capable of holding 1500 people who will enjoy a privileged view of the completely natural surroundings.At the moment, the dolphinarium is home to 5 dolphins of the species, Tursiops truncatus or Bottlenosed dolphin, although it is capable of housing up to 9 dolphins.

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