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  • Thrilling slot car racing experiences for enthusiasts of all ages
  • High-quality tracks and detailed model cars recreate the excitement of real-life racing
  • Scalextric is a beloved brand known for its innovative features

About Scalextric

Taking the high-octane world of motorsports and shrinking it to a scale that fits your home, Scalextric is the game everyone loves. For over 70 years, Scalextric led the way in the slot-car industry, exciting young and old, race fans and non-race fans, male and female. It is the best way to bring the family together.
Who’ll cross the finish line first? And who will spin off the track in the most dramatic way? Which car is the fastest? And which is the most stylish? The competition never ends when you have a Scalextric track in your home. And if you need any help, advice, or new models, just head to, where you’ll find it all.

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