Seed Pantry
Seed Pantry

Seed Pantry 40%

Members receive 40% savings on their purchase.

  • Amazing 40% off your first Seed Pantry Gardening Grow Club package.
  • Choose from 50+ new plant choices each month that are in tune with the seasons and ready to grow.
  • Discover plants from around the world.
  • For expert or novices alike, expand your knowledge, learn to grow

About Seed Pantry

Seed Pantry is an award-winning Gardening Subscription Box that thousands of foodies, flower lovers and gardeners are members of to keep up to date with what to do in their green spaces each month, both indoors and out. Boxes arrive at the right time to grow with our expert grow guides, tips and inspiration each month. Our mission is to get everyone growing more food and flowers, to enjoy the rewards of nature and learn about growing plants wherever you live.

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