Total Cycle Assist
Total Cycle Assist

Total Cycle Assist 25%

Members receive 25% savings on their purchase.

  • 24-7 UK-based accident helpline
  • Professional approved bike repair
  • A new, same-value replacement bike if yours is written off
  • Specialist legal support
  • Private healthcare in the event of injury

* Terms and conditions apply.

About Total Cycle Assist

Cycling is a great way to move more and reduce your transport costs, but if you had an accident on the roads, who would you turn to for help? 
Total Cycle Assist provides you with vital support if you are involved in an accident. We’ll arrange a replacement bike for you whilst yours is repaired, organise private medical treatment for your injuries and ensure that you receive the best possible settlement from the at-fault party.
Cyclists getting knocked off their bikes happens overwhelmingly more often than bikes being stolen. So, TCA is purely designed to give you the best aftercare if you get injured in an accident that's not your fault, and does not include theft cover.

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