Luggage Protection 40%

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  • Free downloadable Self-Print Smart ID luggage tag (RRP £5.00)
  • 40% discount on TRACE ME Smart ID products for ongoing protection

About TRACE ME Smart ID

Every year over 1 million bags go missing at airports globally, and are never returned to their owners. Attaching a TRACE ME Smart ID luggage tag helps prevent that happening to you. Integrated with the SITA WorldTracer Baggage Management System, TRACE ME will work at virtually all airports/ airlines around the world. It’s secure, anonymous and provides you with complete peace of mind when you travel.

We’ve been in the luggage protection business for 10 years, and in that time our success rate at preventing lost baggage runs up to 100 times better than the industry average. If your bag doesn’t arrive, TRACE ME can prevent it from being lost forever and can help bring it back to you faster.

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