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About UNTUCKit

We started UNTUCKIT because we couldn’t find shirts that looked good untucked. It’s a tough style to get right. That’s why we created the perfect untucked shirt. It has that just-right length, fits all shapes and sizes, and helps you look sharp—even at your most casual.

WE’VE COME A LONG WAY from 2010 when founder Chris Riccobono first created the Original Untucked Shirt. In 2011, he brought on Aaron Sanandres, a classmate from Columbia University, to help him develop the idea into a standalone business. We opened our first store in 2015 in SoHo, and since then we’ve employed more than 700 people across 80-plus stores in North America & UK, as well as our New York City headquarters. We’re excited to share our next steps, made possible by everyone who enjoys the polished look and casual feel of our signature untucked shirts.

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